Plant Anatomy and Physiology at Riverside Park

Thursdays from 1/13/22 through 2/24/22
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Riverside Park - First two weeks virtual

Event Description
(For adults and teens) What is the difference between xylem and phloem? How does water move throughout a plant? How do trees survive the winter? Can trees in a forest communicate with one another? Learn the answer to these questions and more with Caitlin Reinartz, UEC Forester. Price includes all seven classes in the series. Come ready to learn! 

This is a college-level class, presented in a way that is accessible to everyone!

Here's what we will learn:

Session 1 (Virtual - Zoom): Learn plant and cell architecture, genome structure and expression, and water balance of plants.

Session 2 (Virtual - Zoom): Learn about mineral nutrition, solute transport, and photosynthesis!

Session 3: We'll wrap up our photosynthesis talk and explore stomatal biology, translocation in phloem, respiration, and metabolism.

Session 4: Learn about inorganic nutrients, cell walls, and plant hormones.

Session 5: Learn about pollination, embryogenesis, seeds, and flower development.

Session 6: Learn about plant senescence and cell death, biotic interactions, and abiotic stress.

Session 7: We'll catch up on any lessons we've missed, and take some time to explore any other plant questions we have!

For questions about this program, please reach out to UEC Forester, Caitlin Reinartz at

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