Frequent Flyer Pass - Brew City Birding Festival

Pass Description

You will receive discount codes within a few days of purchase - please be patient as they are sent out manually.

(For adults & teens) Purchase this Frequent Flyer Pass for discounts on Brew City Birding Festival events! With this purchase, you will receive discount codes via email that provide 50% off all field trips and the Big Green Birding Bike Ride, in addition to 100% off program costs for all lectures and the art workshop that are a part of the Brew City Birding Festival. Please note that the date listed for this pass is merely a placeholder and can be used for the Brew City Birding Festival events listed below:

50% off with FFP

Horicon Marsh Field Trip
Mequon Nature Preserve Field Trip
Monches County Park Field Trip
Beaks & Boats
Birds & Beverages
Big Green Birding Bike Ride

100% off with FFP

Virtual Bird Art Workshop
Virtual Good Fowl Hunting Lecture
Virtual Bird Banding Lecture
Backyard Naturalist Lecture - Lost in Migration

For questions about this pass, please contact Research and Community Science Manager, Tim Vargo at or Registrar, Augie Rodenbeck at

Registration is required for this pass. Please allow time to receive your personalized discount codes via the email you provided during registration.

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